The Networking 
Success Programme
Do you need a reliable, predictable strategy for attracting more paying clients from your 
networking activity?
The Networking 
Success Programme
Do you need a reliable, predictable strategy for attracting more paying clients from your 
networking activity?

Every Big Opportunity Starts With A Little Conversation

If you are attending networking events both on and offline The Networking Success Programme can teach you a reliable, predictable strategy for attracting more paying clients to your business. 

On The Networking Success Programme Stefan Thomas will show you step by step how you can achieve better success without having to be pushy, or be the most confident person in the room, and you’ll never have to approach strangers at networking events again.

Your next best client could come from a little conversation at your next event, Stefan will teach you how.

At my first virtual networking meeting after The Networking Success Programme I came away with four qualified leads - three of whom became clients.
Jen Bradburn, SEM Help, Northamptonshire UK

And you won’t be alone

Every session of The Networking Success Programme will be live and interactive, and you’ll get the opportunity to ask Stefan questions both in the sessions and in a dedicated group throughout the month you’ll be working with him.

This is NOT just a download, this is a chance to work live with one of the world's leading authorities on business networking in the 21st century.

Go from frustrated by networking to having new clients from networking. 

In just four weeks, he’ll take you from frustration that networking seems to take up your time without leading to sales, to a stream of clients and a positive return on investment following his strategies that he’s honed over the last fifteen years.

Put simply, you’ll never leave a networking event, whether virtual or face to face without at least one solid qualified lead.

Meet Your HOST 
Stefan Thomas,
  • Author of Business Networking For Dummies
  • International keynote speaker and trainer
  • Clients include BT, Lloyds Banking group, Utility Warehouse, Namecheap and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants 
  • A veteran of over 1500 networking events himself, Stefan knows to to turn every little conversation into a big opportunity.
  • Also Featured in The Guardian, HuffPost and The Telegraph 
Here’s what Stefan Will cover:
Module 1 Reputation
Why is it that some people seem to know everyone in the room and, more importantly everyone knows them and exactly what they do?

Stefan will work through the steps you need to take before any networking event which will ensure you’ll never have to walk up to strangers again - they’ll approach you, because they’ll know what you do and be interested to find out more.

Whether virtually or face to face how brilliant would it be if you arrived and were recognised and respected instantly?

People often think that networking starts when they deliver their 49 or 60 seconds.


When we perfect what we do before each event, and get it right, the right prospective clients will want to speak to you before you ever deliver your introduction.
Module 2 Your Networking Toolkit
In this week you’ll learn how to make the most of each event and get the best results as soon as you walk through the door.

Stefan will show you ways to get organised and assemble everything you need to take with you for your best possible chance of success.

He will recommend exactly what you need to do this, actual items, software and apps to assist you, and any pre-event preparation which will make all the difference to your success.

By the end of week 2 you’ll be the person who knows exactly what to take and how to prepare so that each networking meeting is successful, rather than being the person who just wings it and hopes.
Module 3 Finding the right events for you
There is no point selling sausages at a vegan convention, so Stefan will make sure you’re in the perfect event for you and surrounded by people who will be genuinely interested in you.

Rather than shouting about what you do to the wrong set of people, you’ll learn how to find events which are right for you, filled with attendees who are interested in what you offer.

You’ll benefit from the insights that Stefan has gained from attending over 1500 events, and working with hundreds of people who didn’t understand why networking wasn’t working for them. He’ll show you how to identify precisely which events will be filled with people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Module 4 At the meeting
Once you’ve focused on everything pre-event, module 4 will hone in on what to do and say at each event, with words that will make selling easy.

Stefan will give you the exact template he has used to create over 400 successful 40 or 60 second introductions, with a step by step explanation of how to make it work for you and your business.

You’ll create a compelling 40 or 60 seconds specifically designed so that people will not only want to listen to you, but they’ll actively want to find out more.

It’s time to ditch the elevator pitch and use something much more effective. He’ll show you how to include subtle language techniques which are easy to overlook, these will make a powerful difference to how people react to your introduction.

You’ll also discover how to deliver your networking introduction so that you are able to speak confidently and with ease. 
Module 5 After the event
Have you ever had a really fantastic conversation with someone at a networking event or online event and you absolutely knew they were going to do business with you and then silence, tumbleweed, no contact from them ever again?

I’ll explain why, and how you can counter this.

In module 5, Stefan shows you in detail how to use social media as an active and profitable part of your networking.

Instead of not knowing what to say, you’ll focus on how to join in conversations, and lead conversations with potential clients.

Every big opportunity starts with a little conversation and so often, his clients have misunderstand how to continue that conversation, until Stefan has shown them the right way.

Your new normal will be people wanting to speak to you after networking events, and wanting to follow up with you because they want to learn about what you sell and how they can buy from you.

You’ll become the first person people think of when someone wants the services you offer. Let’s make sure you get the #1 recommendation every time, and that people remember you.

Module 6 Showing 
them the till
This is the clincher. This is what the people who get everything else right, often get wrong. This is the key that unlocks the results from all the other effort you’ve put in.

Do people really know what you sell and how to buy from you?


Are you getting conversations with people that don’t end up going anywhere? Or people who are thinking about it, forever?

This is where Stefan will teach you how to show people the till and make sure when someone asks you how you can help them, your answer is so compelling it results in a sale.

Bonus #1 - Virtual networking - the complete guide

Virtual networking - the complete guide - This is a step by step guide illustrating the differences needed when networking from home and not meeting people face to face. 

Stefan will cover the subtleties of body language and eye contact used in face to face and how to replicate these in the virtual events.

BONUS #2 - My ‘little black book of software and apps’

My ‘little black book of software and apps’ - Behind the flowery shirts and the smile are some superb tools that Stefan has used to make sure that he never misses a lead, and that he stays visible, even on days when he’s on stage or working with clients. 

Over the years he’s built a suite of effective and cost efficient tools that, whilst not essential, are his secret weapons in his war against mediocre networking! He will give you the complete list, so you can use the same tools the experts do. 

BONUS #3 - Let's network.

Let's network. Once the programme is complete you’ll be invited to an exclusive networking event, with everyone else you’ve met on the course. You’ll be able to deliver your networking introduction in a supportive and welcoming environment and learn who else you can collaborate with.

And you won't be alone

You’ll also get access to Stefan and the other participants through a dedicated and private space on The Networking Retreat App, with unlimited access to all the documents you need for your success.

Here's What They're Saying!

"I kid you not... I then started having business flowing TO ME not just me going after business! I can never thank you enough for the confidence you've injected in me since this course."
Ann-Marie Smith-Handley of Utility Warehouse said that 
"Stefan’s course was just the ‘kick’ I needed to give me the confidence and drive to ‘show up’. I feel more comfortable and confident than ever in showing up and networking, building those vital relationships and maintaining them and giving that best ‘first impression’. Essential."
Chris Dawes of Scruffymonkey Web Design
he'd saved me £££ & hours of wasted time, and identified precisely how we needed to focus our time and energy. After planning out how we could make this work for us, we started implementing his advice - and within a week exactly the sort of inbound enquiries we were looking for started appearing in our inboxes.
Lesley Long of Fresh Food Events
valuable, life changing networking advice
Tali Kramer of Instinctif Partners 
Italy several attendees made practice of what he've talked about and they got results immediately.
Valentina Turchetti 
@yourdigitalweb Milan,
Networking has made my business successful, without Stefans help I would still be a "Wantrepreneur" with an Idea. After implementing Stefans advice I did my first 10k month!
Tim Beanland Of Beantalking
Your investment, for the full course and support is just £399
The decision is now.


Not only that, but this will be your only opportunity to join this program live. After that the programme will include the recordings and all other documents, without the live interaction from me.

How has 2021 started for you? Launch into the rest of the year with the confidence that your networking is working, bringing you a predictable flow of clients, simply.

want to be part of it and build the business you know you deserve? Register today, I look forward to seeing you there! 


What if I can't make some of the live sessions?

Don't worry - every session is recorded and you have lifetime access. PLUS, Stefan will be active in a dedicated group throughout the month to answer your questions.

Each session will be delivered as a Zoom webinar - which you can access from wherever you are.

What if I've never been to a networking event?

This course is perfect if you've been to zero networking events, or 1000s. We'll look at the basics, plus some of the advanced tactics Stefan has learnt over the years. We'll fast forward your progress in networking by months if not years, no matter where you're starting from.

Most of my networking takes place on LinkedIn - is this course for me?

Stefan wins business from corporate clients using LinkedIn himself, and has taught many business owners how to do so. Lesley Long of Fresh Food Events implemented my advice on LinkedIn and said that "Since our chat a few weeks ago it’s kinda gone crackers! The inbound enquiries are still flowing for the work that we want and need. In addition, a venue has approached us to provide all their catering services, which means we have a pipeline of events without having to sell every one".

I use LinkedIn as a huge part of my networking, you can too.

Can I spread the cost?

For this course it is a one off payment of £399 (including VAT if you're in the UK), which I can accept by credit or debit card.
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